Sales terms and delivery conditions for the company MEC Design


We sell and deliver exclusively to the subsequent terms. Verbal agreements are invalid. All statements and commitments are only binding after our written confirmation. This also applies in case of adverse purchasing conditions of the buyer. These are set by the seller Delivery overridden. The seller does not recognize these conditions even if he does not expressly contradict them.


Orders are only for postal delivery is for us entered binding and not the date stamp of the delivery post office. Telephone orders are accepted only after written confirmation by the customer, unless the customer wishes an instant delivery. In the latter case we be liable for faulty short or excess delivery, the risk of such orders has to the full extent of the buyer. If the customer does not explicitly an order confirmation, the sent or enclosed invoice will serve as order confirmation. If accessories of any kind delivered or delivered incorrectly or not a usable due to unclear specifications of the customer, the customer shall bear the entire risk. Claims for damages of any kind are hereby excluded.


All offers are subject to change. Technical changes and price changes without prior notice. All deliveries are made from MEC Design 14059 Berlin at buyer’s risk. As proof of proper dispatch of the goods presenting the receipt of the haulage company is sufficient. The software is delivered cash on delivery or prepayment. Foreign orders are made exclusively against prepayment. We reserve the right to partial delivery, it is assumed that the partial delivery in detail may be used by the purchaser. Liability for determining the cheapest shipping route will not be borne by us.

Delivery times

Ordered goods that is in stock will be ready for consignment us as soon as possible. For orders that are not part of our regular stock and have to be ordered from the manufacturer for you, we can only ship to availability of the individual manufacturer. To cancel the contract due to non-observance of the delivery period, the buyer is only justified if he has the seller a reasonable grace period of 4 weeks -In special orders and custom-set writing 8 weekly. Claims for damages due to delayed deliveries are excluded.

Transport Risk

Shipping is at the risk of the recipient. Damaged goods must be removed to the carrier only after the damage has been recorded and recognized by that company. Ignoring the buyer has to bear the damage suffered themselves. Damaged goods transport is by no means returned to us, but to ask the transport company available. For recognized by the transport company damage (copy of the damage protocol immediately for repair), we are making an immediate replacement. The value of our invoice must be paid directly to us and to be debited to the transport carrier.


The warranty obligation of the seller for road lapses after 6 months or 8000 km, and also in the following circumstances:
For goods that altered by a third party, edited or defects have been repaired without consent.
In vehicles or parts, which are used similarly in competition or contest.
On competition parts there is no guarantee.
For fitting of parts outside our company.
The warranty is limited to the pure parts replacement
without mounting costs.
Warranty claims will be accepted after immediate written report only for obvious defects within 7 days from receipt of goods. Justified claims of our choice shall be awarded. In case of failure of replacement of improvement, the custome has the right of cancellation of the contract. This requires us with goods free house 14059 Berlin made available. Further claims, especially for damages, shall be excluded, except for intent. Generally excluded are all consequential damages or damages caused by improper or professional and appropriate treatment, assembly, use or commissioning of parts supplied by us. For the required when using the road maintenance inspection of equipment of any kind, we assume no liability.
Redemptions of goods
Goods can only be returned with express permission by us. The return is carriage paid to make in any event. Redemptions of individual and special are excluded. The principal of single or custom committed purchase the ordered goods in full and to pay, if we have already started with the production. Damaged or faulty goods are excluded from returning and will not be credited. The withdrawal of all kinds of goods is normally excluded. In an exceptional agreement of taking back the customer will be charged 25% restocking fee

Duty of care

The buyer has to ensure all changes and conversions to his vehicle when it participates in the public transport, to register without delay in accordance with statutory provisions in his vehicle documents (vehicle registration and license). The buyer is required to present the vehicle to the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV / Dekra, etc.). The responsibility for the registration of the technical changes of converted vehicles or their parts lies with the buyer.
A presentation (transportation to the testing / TÜV, Dekra) to accept the technical changes carried out in all circumstances on the purchaser’s risk. In case of refusal of acceptance by the TÜV, from us for reasons beyond the customer has yet to be paid the expenses incurred by us in the agreed or a reasonable amount and to reimburse us for the costs incurred. All claims on the seller because of failing on the part of TÜV / Dekra are excluded. All claims of the buyer or third parties against the seller that arise from accidents of any kind are expressly excluded

Retention of title

The delivered goods remain property of the seller until full payment. Payments must be made directly to us. However, the buyer may, regardless of the retention of title to sell the goods in the ordinary course of business, but without our consent neither pawn nor a third party by way of security. If the goods are resold prior to payment or encashment of the check, so the proceeds will automatically be regarded as assigned to us. The proceeds shall be kept separately for us and only to be used to cover our claims.

Prices and Payment

We always deliver according to prices valid on the day of delivery. This is especially true for orders over a longer periods of time, even if the original order or order confirmation, another price was applied. The prices do not include insurance, packing and shipping. All mentioned prices include currently subject to VAT, unless the amount is specifically designated as a net amount. Prices subject to change. Terms of payment are cash, bank transfer or euro check (max EUR 200, -.) For orders with a net value below EUR 50, -. Rises the seller a handling fee of EUR 10, -. Invoices for vehicle conversions are at vehicle delivery without any deduction due net. Partial payments will not be accepted.


Claims for damages to the seller by converted vehicles of any kind are excluded.

Fulfillment and jurisdiction

Performance and jurisdiction for delivery and payment is the registered office of the company MEC Design. (Holzhauser Strasse 140-164, Recommended access: Miraustrasse 18a, 13509 Berlin).


These conditions are effective immediately. Through the publication of this catalog and / or the respective price lists all previous catalogs and / or price lists lose their validity. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions shall not affect the remaining provisions. Deviating agreements and assurances of all kinds must be in writing.


The reproduction and / or copy in particular of texts and images, including extracts from this catalog / price list is allowed only with the written permission of the company MEC Design / publisher. The use of the company logo MEC Design also requires written approval by the company MEC Design. For misprints we accept no liability.